Control Bread Cutter

For the company LEBEMA was developed for you, the control for a newly created series of commercial bread cutting machines. Together with the client has completed the entire development process from definition of the requirements specification, on the first prototypes for the commissioning of the mechanical machine design to the finished printed circuit board. The resulting control system has been approved and certified upon completion by the statutory accident insurance and the basis of the general European Machinery Directive and by GS-NG2 (Ausgabe1999) and.
For the operation of the bread cutter, a terminal was designed with a membrane keyboard and order-specific design.

Control Bread Cutter

Figure 1: Certified control for bread cutting machines

Specifications to use

Machine control system based on microcontroller
Engine of the blade: 0. .750 W, in a star connection
Bread Feed via stepper motor drive, 80W
four sensor inputs allows access to the safety circuit of the machine
eight sensor inputs (sensors, magnetic sensors, etc.) for general purpose control
Operator interface with 5 buttons and LCD display with backlight
universally applicable, by adapting the microcontroller firmware

Technical Data (control)

System voltage :  400V~, three - phase
Power input : 120W
Geometrical dimensions  :  220 x 280 mm 

The flexibility of the control concept and the variability of microcontroller programming, the controller could already be re-adapted to various derivatives of the bread cutter. As different versions and enhancements have been delivered:

Circular knife cutting machine as floor-mounted appliance
Sickle knife cutting machine as floor-mounted appliance. Therefore, the speed of the blade had to be increased and increased the stepper motor feed.
Short version of circular and sickle knives cutting machines with additional photoelectric sensors for detecting length of Bread
Tables specially adapted versions
Self-service machines operating with a reduced operation system
custom machines for exports (adjustments of display messages, voltage levels, etc.)

Control Bread Cutter     Control Bread Cutter     Control Bread Cutter     Control Bread Cutter

with argus-control equipped bread cutting machines of the LEBEMA Aurea 430-200 or Orbis small 400-280

Producing Area:Germany