Control of DC motors with medium power
Fan control, brightness control, motor control
Dosage of liquids on vehicles
Preservation of fodder
Preservation of grain


Specifications to use

DOSISTAR V is a device to control the power of DC driven pumps on vehicles. The flow can be adjusted by the knob and controlled by an optical flow meter. The pick-up- input stops the pump immediately. It is possible to use active or passive sensors as pick-up switch.
The device works in a metal case. The customer can choose the color of the cover. The installation is simple and effected via the customer or the customer technician. With an appropriate power supply is also a stationary operation is useful.

Technical Data

Input voltage    :  12V – 24V DC
Max. output  : 150W (12V),300W (24V)
Max. current load :  12A Continuity, 20A Peak
Power control  :  0 – 100%
Pole protection  :  yes
Overload protection  :  yes
Connection PICK-UP-Switch  :  yes
Geometrical dimensions  :  120 * 95 * 35 mm

Producing Area:Germany