Controlling of DC motors with high Power
Dosage of liquids on vehicles
Preservation of fodder
Preservation of grain
Dosage of bacterial concentrate


Specifications to use

The DOSISTAR 2K was especially designed to dosage bacterial concentrates. The system has a controlling unit and a power unit with a peristaltic pump. The control unit allows you to input the parameters very comfortable and it is possible to connect via CAN-bus with other components. The power unit contains the reverse-driver for the built-in peristaltic pump and the driver for a water pump. A special mode allows the use of the device as a dose control system for acid with the characteristics of DOSISTAR 9.2. Thus, the system is especially interesting for contractors who use both bacteria and acid concentrates with their customers.
Technical data

Supply voltage  :   12V - 24V DC  
Max. output  :  with 12V supply = 170W 
  :  with 24V supply = 340W 
Max. current  :  14A 
Power control  :  0 - 100% 
Display  :  1x16 characters, alphanumeric, illuminated  
Dosing channels  :  two liquids at the same time  
Calibration values memory   :  yes 
Pole protection  :  yes 
Overload protection  :  yes 
Connection PICK-UP-Switch  :  yes, optional 
Connection wheel switch  :  yes, optional 
Geometrical dimensions   :  200 * 150 * 70mm

Producing Area:Germany