Speed control of the lenses of manure distributor.
Limit scattering/normal scattering is switched on separately for the right and left side.

Spezifications to use

DiscControl is specially designed for the control of manure distributor-designed device. It can pursue the scatter width controlled by controlling the lens speed. Therefore, it regulates the speed regardless of the burden of two separate lenses. You can switch between a Normal speed and a speed limit for the scattering. The different speeds are independently adjustable over a wide area. The operating mode of the individual lenses (Limit- or Normal scattering) can be grasped at a glance. The device warns the driver when the desired speed and thus the working range due to high volume may not be achieved. In response, the speed must be reduced appropriate.

The device controls two solenoid valves that control the hydraulic flow through the hydraulic motors. The hydraulic motors drive the lenses. The speed is measured using Hall sensors.

Product features

A single-layered menu structure ensures easy adjustment of the desired parameters. Orientation problems in hidden submenus are a thing of the past.
Double-spaced display, clearly visible, the background light; multifunctional
Intuitive knob operation makes the setting even in tough working environment clear and safe.
Calibration trial variable speed.
Rapid conversion from one vehicle to another by interlocking connectors and the powerful magnetic mount.
Easy installation by the customer or technician.
Customized solutions are possible. Talk to us! 

Technical data

Input voltage   :   12V DC
Valve current :  max. 2A
Display  :  2x16 characters, alphanumeric, illuminated  
Calibration values material   :  four values, to determine by user 
Calibration values memory  :  yes
Pole protection  :  yes 
Overload protection  :  yes
Port  :  RS 232 SUB-D 9pol
Geometrical dimensions  :  120 * 95 * 35 mm

Producing Area:Germany