3D measurement system

The RingSensor is a 3D-measurement system for the determination of geometrical properties of any objects. In particular it was developed for quality control in potato production, - processing and - cultivation.

How it works

The main part of the system is an optical ring, where the objects (potatoes etc.) pass through one by one. This ring consists of 64 of IR-emitters and receivers which are alternately arranged. The emitters emit infrared light in succession. Each receiver is able to ‘see’ each activated emitter. If objects pass through the ring lots of shadow zones are built (Picture right bottom),Around the potato the shadows zones are investigated and assembled to a cross section. The scanner generates 400 cross sections of the object per second. The right top Picture shows a cross section of a typical potato. Even a 3D-image of the object can be shown. The image describes the object as an enveloping spiral (Picture left bottom)

If a body moves trough the ring, the following geometrical characteristics are determined in real time:

position of the largest slice
largest and smallest dimensions of the largest and the middle slice
mass (if the density is known)

Hardware - requirements and software - properties

The RingSensor can be attached to each standard PC. Data exchange between PC and sensor is made by the CAN bus used in the industry. If necessary a storage of the determined data (volume, length…) of each object is possible in a simple Name.txt file, which can be read with arbitrary (spread-sheet analysis) programs.

   Cross section of a patato

          Measuring cuboid


            Shadow zone


Technical data

Max. diameter of objects  :  12 mm 
Max. length of objects  :  depending on speed, typical to approximately 300 mm 
Accuracy of volume  :  ± 3% (for a typical patato) 
Accuracy of length  :  ± 1% (for a typical patato)
Max. throughput :  4-5 objects/second, every shorter as 200mm, by speed of 1.4 m/s 
Power supply  :  220-240V AC 50 Hz, 1A 
Size over all :  360mm x 280 mm x 140 mm

Producing Area:Germany