Trip recorder FLOG

The vehicle specification logging system FLOG makes possible for the user apart from the collection and evaluation of driving data, a software adapted particularly for the employment in small and medium-size enterprises both the entrepreneur and the driver a comfortable possibility offers of facilitating the daily leading of the travel book and by the special Windows - software possible up to economical conclusions an evaluation of making. To emphasize a simple operation is by 4 keys, the small size of the equipment as well as the lit display opposite the competitors.

Trip recorder FLOG

Electronic vehicle park management system

The mobile production from driving data on real time conditions attained for many small and middle enterprises an increasing strategic meaning, decides nevertheless in not insignificant measure the efficiency of vehicle employments on the efficiency of an enterprise.

The practical conversion fails either because of the high expenditure (travel books), which can be operated manually, or to the computing and to data technical with difficulty evaluable conventional travel writers. The most frequent optimization problems, like the Travelling Salesman problem (TSP) or the Vehicle Routing problem (VRP), possess however no solution procedures, whose cost of computation increases at the most polynomial with the problem size. Consequently the accumulation is and-data base-technical dressing of material driving data an indispensable condition for the derivative of statistic-secured realizations for the application of vehicles. The necessity and motivation for operational planning of vehicle-result in themselves from economic and ecological reasons.

Generalizing it can be stated that this problem is not only of importance for forwarding businesses and similarly stored enterprises, because under the condition of always small and more expensively becoming storage capacities a production and/or a flow chart price increase became necessary, the temporary storage facilities of small size to permit. Another aspect is the evaluableness of the handling individual driver, who becomes so far possible an influencing control which was not on uneconomic driving fashion reality leaves, which can likewise lead to a significant reduction of costs.

Further system as a simply serving travel writer for the separation of the 1% account is problem-free for privately used passenger car to begin. Thus employee with small private travel arising in the service passenger car into the situation shifts will be developed its monthly income substantially to increase on the basis of this aspect a solution, which consists of particularly a hardware appropriate on the requirements in the motor vehicle range co-ordinated and the legal standards. In addition ones to it the production takes place the demands calculation basic and the driver exculpatory firmware stated above. The evaluation of the won driving data takes place with a PC-based software, which can offer an appropriate data base-technical Background.

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