Pendulum striking machine MIDAS 95 P

Measuring system for the determination of the damage sensitivity of patato tuber and other agricultural products

In the potato research and - breeding since beginning of the seventies pendulum striking machines are successfully used for the determination of the damage sensitivity of patato tuber.

 Pendulum striking machine MIDAS 95 P     Pendulum striking machine MIDAS 95 P

For the pendulum striking machine MIDAS 95P its simple handling, small space requirement, small technological expenditures is characteristic during the attempt preparation and execution, reproducible results, small test dimensions starting from 10 tubers as well as the robustness of the equipment. The test results of the users are comparable with one another with physically same output conditions.


A certain number of tubers of a Genotype is loaded in each case defined to and/or several places by 2 impact of pendulum. The absorbed energy of the individual impacts for each impact place is measured. By statistic analysis of the energy balances of the individual impacts is determined the damage sensitivity of the Genotype.

Places of installation and tasks

The pendulum striking machine MIDAS 95P and/or the type of predecessor MIDAS 88P is successful in eight European countries in use. The devices are used in the potato research and breeding, in the sort examination and in marketing companies for the evaluation of damage sensitivity. Some users use the pendulum striking machine for the induction of the black spottiness under defined conditions, other for the evaluation of cultivation-technical measures.

Properties of MIDAS 95P

Attempt extent: to 100 tubers per Genotyp

Results: Pendulum characteristic value, energy balances, coefficient of variation

The fundamental mechanical characteristics of the pendulum striking machine are maintained with intended advancements. Thus it is guaranteed that the results of different devices are comparable starting from the generation MIDAS 88P under defined conditions. Programs for the data communication of the MIDAS 95P for the PC (R-S 232) as well as to archiving and evaluation of the measured values are for DOS and WINDOWS in the scope of supply. By the safety device of the data in the ASCII format the subsequent treatment with standard software is ensured.

Producing Area:Germany