Presentation Board

For demonstration purposes and researching of fuel cell behavior we are developing fuel cell systems (for instance for  ATI Küste GmbH). The systems include all peripheral parts like air pumps, hydrogen valves, filter and electric control. The whole system is attached on a mounting plate, so it’s potable and can be shown on exhibitions. The electrical connection includes internal dc/dc-converter and adjustable electronic loads.

 Presentation Board

Presentation board no.1, attached mounting plate from polycarbonate and fixed on a aluminum supporting stand

Up until now we have realized one presentation board with low power and another type with medium power.

Presentation board No.1:

fuel cell: Schunk FC03
fuel cell power: 27W
fuel cell control: manual, all valves are time-controlled
battery: 2x12V lead-acid
battery charge: current mode, charging current 300mA
presenation material: polycarbonate

Presentation board No.2:

fuel cell: Schunk FC42
fuel cell power: 360W nominal rated power
battery: 2x12V NiMH
electrical system: output power 50W for load, 50W auxiliary power (valves, pumps, converter)
dc/dc-converter: integrated, output voltage 26,V
load: integrated, adjustable 0...50W average power
fuel cell control: integrated control system on the basis of ATMEL microcontroller
communication: USB
remote maintenance: PC with windows XP and user software

Presentation Board

Remote software "BSZ Process Monitoring" for changing fuel cell parameters and record the variation in time of relevant fuel cell values like current, voltage or temperature

Producing Area:Germany