DosiTex is a device system to the control and supervision of the dosage of washing mediums in laundries.

DosiTex     DosiTex

There is of an industry PC as a control unit, industrial I/O assemblies, sensors and optionally an office PC.  

Performance feature

The DosiTex-System has the following properties:  

Control or supervision of 4 washing machines with up to 64 pumps
easy creation of up to 10 Dosage programs for the washing machine
retrofit for all washing machines and cleansing machines
Computer based process data acquisition and storage
Dosage events (time and amount)
Alarm with false dosages
Protocol and evaluation of the process data
optional passing on of the process data to a PC
easy service
remote maintenance over phone and Windows - standard software


- Controlling function

operation expenses
load factor
material and inventory
functionality of the system
wearing of hoses, membranes and pistons
absence of mediums in the storage vessel
pollutions of filters

- Quality management

correkt dosages
safety in desinfection
prevention of postwashing
safety in process
error protocoll
proof of
water stress
dangerous goods order
hospital clothes
System in practice 


DosiTex is flexible!

Variably in the construction, but, nevertheless, individually for every customer fitted.

2 Modes of operation

Standard - Supervision (passive)
controlling of time triggered pumps
Expert - Dosage (active)
controlling of pumps after actual amount




Producing Area:Germany