Control of AC motors (-pump) with low and medium Power
Dosage from liquids in stationary installations.
Preservation of fodder
Preservation of grain


Specifications to use

The DOSISTAR GRAINY – unit controls comfortably pumps with 1 phase or 3 phase AC motors in stationary installations. The unit has to connect to the 1 phase AC net. An integrated frequency converter controls the output between 10% and 100%. The unit is equipped with an external flow meter to measure the flow of the preservation liquid.
For different flows are different flow meters available:

7 - 140 l/h                 2,0mm injector
11 - 500 l/h               5,6mm injector
84 - 1000 l/h             7,0mm injector

The control unit reacts on different input information:

automatically breaking of the preservation by missing preservation liquid (measured by the flow meter)
automatically breaking of the preservation by missing preservation goods (measured by a capacitive sensor)
controlling the hauling plant of the preservation good by a potential free contact
Compensation of the viscosity dependency of the flow meter (measured by a temperature sensor)
Average function if flow meter or capacitive sensor are out of order
The display is done by a large illuminated display and operation via 4 large buttons. For contractors are up to 9 people available memory for the settlement amounts spent. An advantage of the device is to save energy through the integrated frequency in contrast to the systems with bypass control. By operating the pump at low speed, the life of the pump heads and motors will be extended many times over. The unit is supplied complete with emergency stop buttons. Flow sensors are available upon request.

Technical data

Input voltage  :   230V AC one-phase 
Max. output  :
 one - phase 500W  
    three - phase 500W 
    higher power by request 
Max. current load  :   2A Continuity, 5A Peak 
Power control   :  10% - 100% 
Display  :  1x16 charactars, alphanumeric, illuminated 
Dosing setting memory  :  yes 
Overload protection  :  yes 
Languages  :  German or English 
Geometrical dimensions   :  230 * 210 * 110 mm

Producing Area:Germany