PiCUS Calliper

Measuring instrument for geometry collection

The PiCUS Calliper is an instrument to record the geometry of the tomography level quickly and accurately. This geometry data is needed for sonic and EI tomography inspections. It is particularly useful for testing large or irregularly shaped trees.

PiCUS Calliper
The design is reminiscent of a pair of pliers. The supports the work on circular objects such as trees.

The values taken are transmitted to a PC or Pocket PC wireless by using a Bluetooth radio connection. All geometry data are directly transmitted into the PiCUS program. Within a very few minutes the exact shape of the tomography level is measured!

Despite of its large measuring range (Standard: 150cm, XL: 200cm) the PiCUS Calliper is very small in transport position.

Features of the PiCUS Calliper:

Easy and fast to handle
Stainless steel construction
Small size in transport position
Larger measuring range than most traditional callipers
Software for Windows (Min. Windows XP SP2 or Windows CE)
Bluetooth connection to PC or Pocket PC

Producing Area:Germany