Spraying quality and excess
The current and future regulatory environment reaffirms the need to find new solutions:for controlling the excess from sprayers (context of Untreated Areas)
for controlling the quality of spraying in big cultures and in specialised cultures (especially vines and fruit arboriculture)
In both cases, measurement and controlling techniques currently exist, but they use heavy methodology and are costly.
These different techniques need measurement tools previously positioned. The spraying then takes place, the tools are removed and their content analysed in the laboratory. 
The fluorescence spectrometry techniques used by FORCE-A offer quantitative, quick and direct analysis of spraying quality for the leaf and the field.
The aim is to define the potential and methods for using fluorescence techniques for assay, and mapping the product’s dispersion during spraying.


Nitrogen in grapes
The nitrogen quality of grape must is a major factor for manufacturing wine.
It depends on the plant nutrition and the year’s weather.
In this vein, the prediction of the nitrogen concentration in must is an important element for implementing corrective measures in the vineyard.
The developments currently provided by MULTIPLEX validate a correlation between the nitrogen concentration in must and the optical indices measured directly from bunches at various stages in their growth (from formation to ripening).


Quality of white grapes
After ripening, grapes gradually lose chlorophyll, which is directly measurable by MULTIPLEX. 
These current developments will validate this indicator by monitoring the maturation of white grapes. 

Management of Phytosanitary products
The agricultural industry is looking for new resources that will help it reduce the use of phytosanitary products to help protect the natural environment.
To do this, the industry needs readily available diagnostic and decision-aid tools. 

FORCE-A developed portable and embedded optical sensors with a view to the early detection of contamination by bio aggressors, using the autofluorescence properties of leavesOTHER DEVELOPMENTS

Early detection of disease
Detection of mycotoxins
Quality of spraying
Loaded sensors
Cartography of plots and zoning
Phenotyping tools for varietal selection

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