The DUALEX 4 “clip leaf” instruments are easy to use tools to determine plant well-being and measure specific component contents.

  • DUALEX FLAV Flavonols
  • DUALEX ANTH for Anthocyans
  • DUALEX HCA for Hydroxycinnamic Acids (chlorogenic, chicoric acids etc)

                                         DUALEX 4

The patented technology used in the DUALEX 4 clip is based on chlorophyll fluorescence and on the screening of polyphenol properties contained in plant leaf epidermis.
Their measurement is unaffected by variable fluorescence and is independent of the chlorophyll concentration of the leaf.
This procedure is not destructive and is very quick and simple. It requires no calibration or adjustment of the light source. No preparation of the plant is required and the measurement can be taken outside, in the open field, or under ambient light.

Applications for AGRICULTURE
Epidermis absorption measured under UV or observed using the DUALEX 4 tools can be used as an indicator for:

  • controlling fertilisation
  • harvest quality (proteins, development of eco-products, etc)
  • prevention against certain climatic conditions (sunburn – low temperatures)
  • appetence for herbivores
  • colour (anthocyans)
  • varietal selection

DUALEX 4 FLAV and DUALEX 4 ANTH quickly and quantitatively estimate the concentration of Flavonols and Anthocyans in fruit and vegetables (leaves and skin), for the following elements:

  • Polyphenolic Antioxidants
  • Nutraceutics and foods with medicinal properties
  • Colouring

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