Thanks to more than 15 years of research,Multiplex® is a hand-held multi-parameter optical remote sensor for the fast, easy, and nondestructive measurement of constitutive and induced polyphenolics, as well as chlorophyll in plants. Multiplex® uses fluorescence technology with multiple excitations to measure various compounds in berry skins, leaves, fruits and vegetable skins.


Anthocyanin content, epidermal Visible absorbance by FER method
Flavonol content, epidermal UV absorbance by FER method
Chlorophyll content, Chlorophyll fluorescence emission ratio
UV-excited Blue-Green fluorescence (BGF)

The advantages of the technology are:

Simultaneousmeasurement of various
Remote and fastmeasurements (less than a
Active sensing withmeasurements possible under
any ambient light conditions (day or night)
Non destructivemeasurements
No preparation of the plant
Portable device for fieldmeasurements (including
an internalGPS)


A measurement with Multiplex® takes less than a second by just pressing a button. The settings are easily configured through a user friendly interface on the touchscreen. Data are stored on a SD card and are also displayed on the LCD screen. The data can then be handled with common data presentation softwares. The sensor includes an internal GPS for a georeferencing of the data and field mapping. In its field portable version, Multiplex® has a long life battery designed to keep measuring all a day long and it can then be recharged in three hours.


When used in conjunction with other agronomical data, Multiplex® can also provide inputs for decision support systems concerning fertilisation requirements, crop quality forecast, weed infestation and presence of fungal pathogens.



Measured material Any plant material: leaves, needles, crops, fruits, vegetables, turf, etc.
Measured parameters Epidermal UV absorbance by FER method (flavonols content)
Epidermal Visible absorbance by FER method (anthocyanins content)
Chlorophyll fluorescence emission ratio (chlorophyll content)
UV-excited Blue-Green Fluorescence (BGF)
Several other fluorescence ratios
Measurement process Main button pressure
Distance 10 cm from material
Measured area 8 cm in diameter (6 cm optional)
Acquisition time 1 shot (250 acquisitions) < 1 s
Storage capacity 1 million multiparametric measurements (512 Mo SD-card)
Modes One shot or continuous mode
Classification 4 levels
Temperature range From 5 to 45°C
Light sources LED (pulsed operation)
4 excitation channels: UV, Blue, Green and Red
Detectors Silicon Photodiodes
3 detection channels: Yellow (or Blue), Red and Far-Red
User interface 3.2’’ graphic LCD panel with touchscreen
Sound warning
Data downloading USB connexion for data transfer in continuous mode
Data organization compatible with Excel sheets
Power source External Li-ion rechargeable battery (proprietary)
Autonomy 10 hours
Charging time 3 hours
Total weight 2.5 kg (without battery)
Optical head size 16 cm in diameter X 15 cm in height
Positioning Internal GPS
Accuracy (pass to pass) > 1 m
Language English

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Warning: As FORCE-A is continuously improving its products, technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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