imFlux Software

The imFlux is formally called as ASET, which is an acronym for Automated Scanning Electrode Technique.

 imFlux Software

The primary function of imFlux is to automate probe position control, probe signal recording, and image capture. A schematic of this operation is shown in Figure 1. The program allows the user to control the probe position through the keyboard or through programmed grid or vector scans. Data acquisition can be integrated into an automated scan, or managed manually from the computer keyboard and display.

The imFlux Software provides a user-friendly interface for instrument control and operation, flexible experiment setups, and data acquisition, display, output, and analysis.

User-friendly Interface
Easy-to-use drop-down and selection menus
Intuitive layout and design


Flexible measurement setup
Rapidly set up and modify measurement design
Design multistage experiments that suit your protocols


Real-time data acquisition
Hands-free data acquisition throughout the entire time course of the measurement


Multiple output formats
Data can be exported in different formats (Text export and Surface export)
Easily transfer raw data for external analysis

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