QT-GT03 Cable-stayed Tower

QT-GT03 tower is easy to install on the ground, then it can be pulled up by lifting lever and winch. After this, all the stainless wind cables should be adjusted till the tower is upright, then they can be strained and fixed on the ground. The height of the tower can be customized between 10 and 20 meters.

QT-GT03 Cable-stayed Tower

  • Stainless steel pole and wind cable can ensure the security of the tower in extreme weather conditions.

  •  Lightweight tube is low-cost in transport, but high in strength and with high reliability,

  • The tower can resist moderate gale and 10 mm of ice (wind resistance would be stronger without ice).

  • The installation method can save a lot of time, labor, and money.

  • Constant tower diameter makes it easy to install instruments.

  • Accessories include tower tube, anchor piles, a reel of steel cable, chassis, hardware and installation instructions.

  • All the parts for shipment are less than 3 meters, which is more convenient for shipment, management and installation.

  • Stainless steel with rust-resistance coating

  • Anticorrosive epoxy coating and stainless steel components are suitable for the marine environment (Optional)

  • Electric winch sets and pulleys are used to pull the tower upright (Optional)

  • Grounding kit can protect the tower from lightning and electrostatic (Optional)

Note: The anchors need to be precasted ahead of tower installation

Origin: CHINA