QT-Y/H Automatic stem flow collector

Product description:

Stem flow is one of the subjects in the study of water balance in forest ecosystems. In hydrology, stemflow is the flow of intercepted water down the trunk or stem of a plant. Stem flow, along with through fall, are responsible for the transferral of precipitation and nutrients from the canopy to the soil. QT-Y/H stem flow collector is used to collect and analyze the stem flow.

QT-Y/H Automatic stem flow collector       QT-Y/H Automatic stem flow collector


The system is composed of collecting units, a flow sensor and a data logger. It can continuously and automatically record the start time, end time and duration of stem flow, and also stem flow rate. The logged data can be export to excel or text file format to facilitate data processing.


1. The system is suitable for all kinds of trunks. QT-Y is better for trunk diameter less than 14 cm, QT-H is for more than 14 cm.

2. It is easy to install and battery-powered, no need of external power supply.

3. The system is equipped with a sensor with high resolution of 4.13 ml

4. The data logger can record the air temperature when the stem flow is running.

Technical Parameters:

  • Recording range: 0 - 66000ml, resolution: 4.13ml;

  • Storage capability: 16,000 records;

  • Can set the start time and date;

  • Download mode: download data through the infrared downloader with USB interface

  • EEPROM memory, no data loss when power outage;

  • Fully-sealed data logger can be placed in the flow sensor device;

  • Internal LED lights indicate operating status;

  • The battery can last about 1 year.

  • Event resolution: 1 second;

  • Temperature measurement range: -20-70℃, temperature accuracy: 0.5℃, resolution: 0.1℃;

  • Time accuracy: ±1 munities/week;

  • The system is equipped with a protection case

Made in China