QT-RW Root Analyze System

Product description: Plant root length and root surface area are important indexes to measure crop growth status because they are closely related to the intensity of crop photosynthesis and absorption of water and nutrients. The traditional manual method of cleaning and measurement of plant root systems requires a lot of time and labor work, and it is also prone to errors, which could seriously affect experimental process and accuracy. Root washing is a very important preliminary work for measurements of root systems, however, heavy loss of fine roots would seriously affect the reliability of measurements. QT-RW root system analyzer helps gently separate root systems from soil by swirling water and then collect all the roots in a 500-micron mesh filter. QT-RW root analyze system follows the design of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and it can well keep the integrity of fine roots, which can ensure the reliability of follow-up measurements by software.

QT-RW Root Analyze System


1. Depending on soil type and sample volume, 6 samples can be washed per hour;

2. The washing flow is less than 40L/min, and maintains 3500hPa which is the most suitable cleaning pressure;

3. Consist of an electric pump, a circulating water tank, to ensure adequate pressure and good supply of water;

4. The spray nozzles help to clean samples more effectively;

5. Analysis software is a powerful research platform, by which all steps from measurement to analysis can be done automatically.

Technical Parameters:

  • Size: 68cm*40cm*77cm

  • Material: SUS304 high quality stainless steel

  • Component: 2 root washing sinks

  • A central overflow pipe

  • Two water jets in the base.

  • A constant water pressure system maintains the washing water flow with a pressure of 3500hPa

  • Analysis software can measure total root length, root average diameter, total root area, total root volume, root tip counts, branch counts, root overlap counts, root diameter class distribution, the distribution of root apical segment length, etc.

Made in China