Shell Wiring

Shell Wiring

Introducing NK's all new Modular Harness wiring system!

You want to spend your time on the water, not wiring your boat. Now, it’s a snap. Engineered from end to end for easy installation, durability and flexibility. Build every common shell configuration from four simple parts (see diagram here) and replace components in seconds with no tools.


Fully molded and sealed design to stand up to the harsh demands of rowing and environmental exposure
Build EVERY harness you need from three simple pieces. Even add on pieces as your budget allows
Affordable modules eliminate the need for repairs - simply plug in a new section if needed
Plug-in rate sensor for instant repairs and trouble-shooting
NK proprietary gold-plated pins and sockets resist corrosion
Lighter than the HD harness system (24oz/680g for 8-3 harness)
Fully compatible with all NK speakers and Cox-Box systems
Full 3-year warranty: Date coded with month and year

Shell Wiring

SpeedCoach Wiring Harness
Includes Dock, Speed Sensor, Seat Sensor, Seat Magnet, and Cable Mounts. Order mounting bracket and impeller separately if required.
For shipments outside the U.S. please contact an appropriate distributor. NK does not ship orders to countries with an authorized distributor.

Shell Wiring
T-Bracket (does not include wiring or dock) 

Shell Wiring
Angle Bracket
Angle Bracket (does not include wiring or dock)

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