This Keyspan server allows for connection of up to 4 HOBO U-series loggers at each server location. Additional SERVER-US-4 server and logger nodes can be connected (up to a total of 32 HOBO loggers). Note that each logger requires a USB cable (CABLE-USBMB).

NOTE: This device is not compatible with 64bit machines
Now many HOBO Data Loggers can be tied into an existing Ethernet network, providing you convenient access to data being recorded throughout your facility. Up to 32 HOBO loggers can be accessed from any computer running HOBOware® software. Another level of functionality is provided by the Real-Time Alarm plug-in tool for HOBOware, which monitors data from HOBO loggers connected to the network and provides alarm notification via email, pager, or cell phone text message when conditions exceed user-defined limits. Building a networked logging system on an existing Ethernet network provides the convenience of centralized data access and allows you to add monitoring points at a fraction of the cost of building automation systems.
Please note: Ethernet connection may not be weatherproof.

Keyspan Connectivity to Network

RJ45 LAN connector
10/100 autosensing
IP addressing: Static/DHC/Rendezvous
Keyspan System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP or greater
Mac OS X v10.2.8 or greater
NOTE: Not compatible with 64bit machines


Keyspan Software

Keyspan software is included with the Keyspan Server.
Tibbo software:

Must be loaded on each PC on the network from which the data will be viewed
Allows for accessing and viewing of groups of HOBO loggers being monitored on separate PCs with the network
Onset Software

HOBOware software is required and purchased separately.
HOBOware software:
Must be loaded onto each PC on the network from which data will be viewed
Allows viewing of one HOBO logger at a time
Real-Time Alarm Software

Real-Time Alarm software is optional and purchased separately.
Real-Time Alarm software:
Must be loaded onto each PC on the network from which data will be viewed
Allows viewing and alarm notification for up to twelve networked HOBO loggers at a time from one PC
Additional PCs with HOBware and Real-Time Alarm software allow for additional sets of up to twelve loggers to be networked, up to a maximum of 32.
Does not support HOBO U9 On/Off or U11 State & Event loggers
Please note that none of the ablove software is designed for operation on the network directly and that if two networked PCs are running any combination of the above sotware, only one PC can access the loggers at any one time.

See "How to Connect a Keyspan USB Server to a Ethernet Network" for options including:

Local Area Networking (LAN)
LAN with a wired or wireless router/gateway
LAN with connection to the Internet
Networking with wired and wireless computers

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