Leaf Temperature Sensor Typ ΔLA-C

The ΔLA-C (ΔT Leaf-to-Air-Conifer type) is a highly precise sensor for continuous measurements of temperature differences between conifer needle surface and ambient air. The signal is captured by means of a very thin chain (10-fold) of thermocouples. Designed for conifer needles, the sensor with its multiple measurement points is directly attached to different needles, providing a spatially integrative temperature signal.


  • Precise and continuous measurement of leaf-to-air temperature difference
  • Multiple measurement points, spatially integrative sensor signal
  • Sensor output in mV, recordable with most of the common data loggers, no calibration is needed for signal transformation in °C
  • Minimal load on the target, no injury to plants
  • Installation resistant against wind and rain
  • Leaf size and shape specific ordering possible


  • Not suitable for needles shorter than 3 mm


  • Complete with 5 m cable
  • Fixing materials and installation tools

Options / Ordering Information

  • Cable extension (50m max, please specify in meters)
  • If necessary, adjustments for different leaf sizes and shapes are possible
  • Data Logger with integrated light, air humidity and air temperature sensors.

Leaf Temperature Sensor Typ ΔLA-C

leaf temperature sensor type ΔLA-C on Norway spruce

Technical specifications

Name ΔLA-C : ΔT Leaf-to-Air Sensor, conifer type
Application position,suitable for leaf size Needle surface, needle length > 3mm
Principle ofmeasurement Chain of thermocouples, 10-fold
Options Distance between measurements points at the needle surface and measurement points in the air adjustable
Output signal type mVolt
Range of the sensor ΔT = +/- 20°C
Accuracy Depends on data logger:DL 80: +/-(0,04% x Messwerte+0,015)°C; CR1000: +/-(0,06% x Messwerte+0,01)°C
Resolution DL 80: 0,0008 °C; CR1000: 0,0025 °C
Size and weight ca. 0.5 g
Standard cable length 5 m, max. 50 m
Operating conditions Air temperature:-25 to +70 °C, (CR1000: 0 to 40°C), Air humidity: 0 to 100%