Circumference Dendrometer 1 (DC1)

The Circumference Dendrometer 1 is the simpler version for the measurement of circumference changes of plants. The sensor is mounted on a wire cable with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion on the plant. The slide rings reduce the friction between the wire cable and the tree bark. They also decrease the pressure of wire cable on the tree.Please note the essential difference between the various circumference dendrometers.


  • Suitable for diameter 5-30 cm
  • No injury to plants
  • Easy installation
  • Stability against wind, snow, falling small branches and small fruits
  • Readings directly correspond to the circumference changes


  • Because the elastic force of the sensor is exerted on the cable wire in tangential direction (wire tension), the contact pressure between cable wire and stem depends on the curvature of the stem, i.e. the stem diameter. This relationship can be regarded analog to the tension-pressure-radius interrelation described by the Young-Laplace equation. The result is that the larger the stem radius, the lower the contact pressure between cable wire and stem surface. Measurement data between stems of highly divergent radiuses is therefore not comparable (cf. DC2/DC3).
  • The problem of instable measurement data increases with increasing stem diameters because of the decreasing contact pressure.


  • Complete with 5 m cables and 1 m wire cable

Options / Ordering Information

  • Cable extension (please specify in meters)
  • Extension of the wire cable (please specify in meters)
  • Data Logger

Circumference Dendrometer 1 (DC1)

Technical specifications

Name Circumference Dendrometer 1 (DC1)
Suitable for tree size Diameter 5-30 cm
Range of the sensor 11 mm
Accuracy ±1.5 µm ± 0,12% (CR1000 Logger)
Resolution 0.2-2.6 µm (dependent on used data logger)
Linearity 1%
Thermal expansion coefficient of the wire cable <1,4 ×10-6/K
Thermal expansion coefficient of the sensor <0,2 µm/K
Operating conditions -25 to 70 °C air temperature, 0 to 100% relative air humidity