The S-WCB-M003 adapter connects the R.M. Young Wind Monitor-AQ Sensor (model 05305) with Onset's line of research-grade weather stations, including the HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring System, H21, and H22 weather station and energy monitoring systems. The R.M. Young 05305 Wind Monitor-AQ meets EPA guidelines for air quality measurements - 0.4 mph accuracy; 0.9 mph starting thresholds; for winds up to 112 mph.

NOTE: This adapter is not compatible with models 05305L or 05305V

Environment: Indoor,Outdoor,Underwater
Measurement: Wind

3m (9.8 ft) cable from the adapter housing that plugs into logger
Adapter Housing Dimensions – 19.6 cm(7.7 in) long, 2.7 cm (1.05 in) diameter
Include 46 cm (18 in) cable from adapter housing for connecting to screw terminal in the RM Young sensor junction box
Wind Speed Range: '0 to 50 m/s (0 to 112 mph)
Wind Speed Accuracy (adapter only): 0.20 m/s (0.46 mph)
Wind Speed Resolution: 0.20 m/s (0.46 mph)
Wind Direction Range: 0 to 355 degrees
Wind Direction Accuracy (adapter only): 1.4 degrees
Wind Direction Resolution: 1.4 degrees

Producing Area:USA