SM150 Soil Moisture Sensor

SM150 Soil Moisture Sensor

  • Cost effective soil moisture sensor

  • ± 3% accuracy

  • Good temperature and salinity stability

  • Easy data logger connection (0 - 1V DC)

The SM150 Soil Moisture Sensormeasures volumetric soil moisture content with 3% accuracy. It offers precision and reliability at an extremely affordable price.

SM150 Soil Moisture SensorInstant readings
The SM150 Soil MoistureKit is a simple, convenient, low cost option for making soil moisture measurements on the move. The kit comprises an SM150 Soil MoistureSensor, a dedicated HH150 Moisture Meter and a handy carry case. The HH150 Meter is very easy to use, being a readout-only device (no PC connectivity).

The Delta-T DevicesHH2 Moisture Meter is also compatible with the SM150 Soil MoistureSensor, and offers data storage and download capability. [HH2 Meters purchased before 2012 will need an upgrade to work with the SM150.]

Data logging
The SM150 Soil Moisture Sensoris compatible with all Delta-T DevicesLoggers and its 0 to 1V DC output can be handled by most other types of datalogger. It is built to the same high standards as other Delta-T Devicessoil moisture sensors, but is more affordable.

Easy installation
The SM150 Soil Moisture Sensoris buriable and its cylindrical shape makes it easy to install in augered holes (45mm diameter). The threaded base of the sensor can be connected to optional 1250px and 2500px extension tubes. Two sharp pins minimise soil and substrate disturbance during insertion and permit superior contact for more accurate measurements. The SM150 use the same high quality range of cables and extensions as the SM300 Sensor.

The SM150 Soil Moisture Sensormeasures volumetric soil moisture content with 3% accuracy. It is a research grade sensor, being stable across a wide range of temperatures and salinity.

Accuracy and ease of use make SM150 Soil Moisture Sensors well suited to irrigation applications. Readings can be used to optimise irrigation scheduling, or the SM150 can be installed as part of an automatic irrigation system. The sensor's compact size allows it to be installed in plant pots or grow bags.