IPM Scope

IPM ScopeIPM Scope

IPM Scope

Portable digital microscope solution at an affordable price.Read More

Item Name Item Number Quantity
IPM Scope Digital Camera 2860
IPM Scope with Light Switch 2860SW
IPM Scope - White & IR Illumination 2860IR
IPM Scope - White and UV Illumination 2860UV
IPM Scope - Mega Pixel 2860MP

IPM Scope

The following items are optional.

Item Name Item Number Quantity
IPM Video Software Upgrade 2860V
IPM Scope Mac Software 2860MAC
Focus Lock IPM Software 2860FL
IPM Scope Horse Shoes 2860HS
IPM Scope Hard Case 2860HC
IPM Scope Stand 2860SC
IPM Scope Replacement Cable 2860C
IPM Scope Plastic Base 2860PB
IPM Scope Pro Kit 2860KIT
GPS Option USB For IPM Scope 2860GPS
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The IPM Scope combines a digital camera, precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope and imaging software package. Zoom in on fine details of plant disease symptoms, or insects. Instead of straining to look into a tiny eyepiece, place the IPM Scope over the leaf and view the magnified image right on your computer screen.


  • View live images on the computer screen

  • Measures 40X and 140X magnification

  • Completely portable when connected to a laptop computer

  • Archive still images or send files via e-mail

  • Add labels, markers, time stamps and measurement scale

  • Draw directly on the live image

  • Combines a digital camera, precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope

  • Connects to your computer’s USB port

  • Includes software required to capture and archive your still images

  • Software allows you to customize your images with labels, markers, time stamps and measurement scale

  • Video software upgrade provides the ability to capture live videos and time lapse sequences of insect movement

Optional IPM Scope Software descriptions
Item 2860V - Video Software Upgrade - Allows for customer to capture videos
Item 2860MAC - Software for Mac Computers - Allows IPM Scope to work on Mac Computers
Item 2860FL - Focus Lock Plug-In Tool: Enhanced - Live increased depth of focus enhancement
Item 2860PC - Particle Counter Plug-In Tool - Count particles/colors in images

Optional IPM Scope Accessory descriptions

Item 2860HS - Plastic Horseshoes - Used to look at 3D images
Item 2860HC - IPM Scope Case - Water-tight hard case
Item 2860SC - IPM Scope Stand - Allows for smaller magnification
Item 2860C - Replacement Cable - USB connector
Item 2860PB - Replacement Plastic Base - Easy snap on design
Item 2860KIT - IPM Scope Pro Kit - Includes portable light table, LED flashlight and hard case
Item 2860GPS - GPS Option - Plugs into a free USB port