The HOBO® ZW-008 is a 4-channel wireless data node featuring two analog ports and two pulse input ports. It wirelessly transmits data in real time, reducing the costs and inconvenience associated with manual data offload.


Wirelessly transmits real-time data
Compact size for easy deployment wherever data is needed
Accepts a wide range of external energy and environmental sensors
Notifies you of alarm conditions via email or text messages
Onboard buffer memory helps prevent data loss
Powerful HOBOware® Pro software for organizing and viewing data (included with HOBO data receiver)
A complete system requires at least one wireless HOBO data node, HOBO data receiver (ZW-RCVR), and HOBOware Pro software (included with ZW-RCVR). Depending on your system deployment, a HOBO data router (ZW-ROUTER) may be required.


AC Current
Relative Humidity
DC Voltage
AC Voltage
Carbon Dioxide
Compressed Air Flow
Kilowatt Hours
Water Flow


Buffer memory: approx. 3k measurements
Sample rate: 1 min to 18 hrs
Transmission rate: 2 min and greater
Power options:
AC power adapter, battery backup
Measurement range:
Analog channels: 0 to 2.5 Vdc; 4-20 mA (w/CABLE-4-20mA)
Pulse channel: 0 to 65,535 pulses per logging interval
Analog: ± 1.544 mV plus 2 % (typical)
Analog channel: 0.6 mV
Response Time:
Dependent on sensor
Approx. 100m (300ft.) depending on obstructions or interference
Weight: 138g (4.87 oz) with batteries
Dimensions: 96.5 x 108 x 28mm (3.8 x 4.25x 1.1 in)
Radio Power: 1.6 mW (2 dBm)
Wireless data Standard: IEEE802.15.4 2.4 GHz band

Producing Area:USA